We have a real interest in finance and decided that it would be good to spread that to others and show them how we are able to help. We hope that by sharing our knowledge, that we will be able to benefit a lot of people. We know that lots of adults have never had any formal teaching about finance and will often just try to muddle through and not really know whether they are making the right decision. We therefore hope that our website will start to teach people some useful things and that they will be able to start to change what they are doing and benefit from that. We know that finance is not easy but we also realise that it is really important to make sure that we all have access to information so that we are able to learn and ensure that we are making the right financial decision for our own best interests. This is why we have a selection of articles and other information on this website and we hope that it means that people will be able to start to make some changed which will impact their future finances for the better.