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A message from Dave Pegg

Peggy (Dylan Project bassist) here, sending you a big 'thankyou' to everyone who attended our recent concerts.

Due to our other musical activities, we don’t get the chance to play that often as The Dylan Project. We do it for the 'craic’ really, and therefore the size of the venue and financial viability of shows is to some extent less important than us wanting to be in your neck of the woods to play stuff to you. On our recent outing we had some super gigs in venues that we hadn’t played before - Upper Poppleton Village hall being a great example.

Due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. the venue in York forgetting that they had booked us) I thought that we would have to treat last December 1st as a day off in York. Between you and me, Ellen my partner and I were quite looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping at our favourite deli, the Hairy Fig, and enjoying some of York's finest hostelries. However, this was not to be. This was thanks to the amazing organisational prowess of one John Watterson(aka Fake Thackray) who found an alternative venue in the shape of Upper Poppleton village hall and sold all the tickets within 24 hours. Let joy be unconfined!. We had such a great audience that we instantly demanded a return gig for 2014 which John went on to sell out within 24 hours - so he added a second night which he also sold out in 24 hours! The Dylan Project is big in Upper Poppleton, and now we are going to have to tolerate John and his dear wife Carol's amazing hospitality next December 11th and 12th.

So, as the band's unofficial (and as yet) unpaid agent, this has inspired me to come up with some more gigs around December time. Gerry our drummer and myself were playing with Fairport Convention at last years St Ives festival, a fab event which luckily Alan the organiser has invited the Dylan Project to play at on Saturday September 13th. I will also be appearing at the St Ives Western Hotel with my good chum and wonderful singer/songwriter Anthony John Clarke on September 15th, so do get down to Cornwall all you Bobcats.

My thanks to Rob Beattie who runs our website (and is a fine bassist too) and to Mark Harper our tour manager/soundman for all his help and to my fellow band chums for being so good. It’s a joy for me to be up there “under the mast” - long may it continue.

Anyway, pop over to the GIGS page to find out what we have planned for this year. Tickets may not be on sale for a while but please make diary notes .

Cheers and a very happy new year from me and a dry martini! (One? Ed)


Komedia, Brighton, November 2013

I love seeing the Dylan Project because you always get a little bit more than you thought you were in for. It might be a Bob classic you just haven't heard for a long time. It might be something off one of those 80's albums you've never got round to buying. Shortly before this gig I found a newspaper cutting I'd taken from the Birmingham Mail in 1979, about Steve Gibbons opening The Girls' and Boys' Exhibition for the Boys Brigade. I took it to the show and after another great set, I approached the stage and presented it to Mr Gibbons. He said he remembered it well and loved working with Norman Wisdom that day and playing the Bugle for the boys.

So you go and see the Dylan Project and end up chatting to the legendary Steve Gibbons about Norman Wisdom and playing the bugle. Like I said. You always get a bit more than you bargained for. As well as an evening of good humour and top-notch music.

Till the next time.
- Toby Goodyer

Hebden Bridge - November 2013

Last week I travelled to Hebden Bridge from Blackpool with my wife to see the Dylan Project, and went on to witness one of the best concerts I've ever seen. The venue - the Trades Club - is situated down a dead end side road, and initially I was not impressed by its outside appearance; the (hard) rain falling only added to the gloomy atmosphere. Inside though it was another story.

A wooden staircase took us down a narrow passage which led to the stage area the size of a tiny village hall where the 100-plus audience were crammed close together. Never seen Steve Gibbons before so didn't know what to expect from the show, but what followed was a performance i will never forget. Most of his numbers were from the 60s, - Colours to the Mast and Sweetheart Like You were typical of the set - but his voice sounded just like a young Bob, and if I closed my eyes I could imagine Dylan himself performing. Steve's version of Not Dark Yet was sung with a deeper growl in tune with Bob's ageing vocals, and other highlights were a wonderfully sorrowful version of Dark Eyes and a rousing Like a Rolling Stone, which finished off a memorable evening.

I must urge you to see this band if you get the chance. Dave Pegg and the rest of the band were outstanding.Take your partners too, This is the band to see for someone who loves Dylan songs more than the man himself. Looking forward to seeing the great man himself in Blackpool shortly.

- Ian Close, Blackpool

New gig in Market Harborough!

The Dylan Project is delighted to add another gig to the Winter Tour. We'll be at the Harborough Theatre on December 13th. It's a vibrant space with a great tradition and we're really looking forward to the gig. The booking line is 01858 446662 and the website is at Mad Hatter Concerts. Hope to see you there!
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Colchester Arts Centre - "...massiveā€¦"

I came and saw you guys at Colchester Arts Centre a few weeks back now and wanted to just let you know how much I enjoyed it. I'm only 23 but a mammoth Bob Dylan fan and seen him many times; and also seen Jethro Tull many times, and seeing Dave live was a massive thing for me, so thank you.

If you are ever within travelling distance again however I will definitely be coming to see you. My friend and I both thought you gave an amazing portrayal of some great songs; and I personally also loved that you did some very good and very important songs that are close to my heart that maybe some other fans or people coming to see you may never have even heard before and certainly that some other performers wouldn't have thought of doing.

As I said before I hope you come within travelling distance to me again and I look forward to seeing you many more times.

Tom Thornton-Jones

Musical highlight of the year


Just wanted to let you know how amazing you were tonight. Such a rich sound, definitely the musical highlight of the year for me.

As soon as I got home I had to play Ninety Miles an Hour Down a Dead End Street from Down in the Groove. Not the most cheerful of songs but I have always loved it and am sure it would sound great with Peggy and PJ singing the bass part. Just a suggestion but I would love to hear you performing it.

See you next Wednesday at the Mill!

- Laura Pountney

The Dylans

Haywards Heath Show

Thanks for putting on a fabulous show in Haywards Heath a couple of weeks back. It really was great to hear those songs played with the feeling and respect they deserve. And just a little humour. Looking forward to the next time, or at Cropredy for another great festival.

A happy and prosperous 2012 to you all.

- Toby Goodyer

David Hall Arts Centre

Not something I normally do but your gig last night has made me send this. I have been going to see bands for some 45 years and last nights show was right up there with the best. I have seen Dylan a few times and found that sometimes he just can't be bothered. Last night you put a smile on my face!Your interpretations were superb as indeed were all of your musical skills.

Play Loud!

- Jimmy Gempton

St. Edith's Hall

"Hope this isn't too schmaltzy, but just to say how much I enjoyed last night's gig. I was totally blown away. A lifelong Dylan fan (since I was 9 years old), you transported me back to the times I have seen Dylan perform (before he lost his voice)! I'm amazed at the strength of Steve's voice and how great the band are - so tight. I bought the CD and am playing it right now - amazingly good. One wish......could you do Visions of Johanna next time you're down South? Not an easy one, I know.....

I actually met Steve in the 90's at a gig he did (not Dylan Project) at the Amersham Arms (The Gig) in New Cross. He sat down with me and my friend and signed a photo for me (To Tricia, with love Steve). That photo still takes pride of place on my lounge wall(amongst the unsigned Dylan ones!). I'm sure he won't remember me though of course! I wanted to tell you myself how much I enjoying your performance when you all went to the bar during the interval, but I was too shy and I guessed you kinda get sick of no-marks like me being sycophantic! I'm in my 50's now and still a bit star struck!! Pathetic eh?

Anyway, I'm still buzzing from seeing you last night so thank you again for stopping me in my tracks (like when I first heard Dylan) and making me feel alive again. I'll be on the look out for you and if the band or Steve do any gigs, I'll do my utmost to get there (hee hee a 50 year old groupie?...... well guess it's time to do what I should have done when I was 20 but was brought up too well.........damn my parents!!!).

May you stay forever young."

Love to you all

Half Moon Putney

"I don't normally do this, I think I may still be a little drunk. However, just a quick thank you for the gig last night (Dec 15 Half Moon Putney). Great stuff, you all nailed it down. It's the first time I've seen you guys and it wont be the last. Im shamed to say I've never seen the man him self. Theres still time (I hope)."
- Tony Wilson